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Changing the world through hydrometallurgy innovations

Why Hydrometallurgy?

Hydrometallurgical processes have been scientifically proven of being able to process low-grade ores, have better control of co-products, and much lower environmental impact.

With depleting nineral deposits and increasing interest in lower grade elements (e.g. rare earth elements), the metallurgical industry is aggressively developing hydrometallurgical processes to meet today’s challenges.

Today, the need to develop more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly processes capable of extracting metals has become very critical.

What We Do

Hydrotech Metal Indonesia explore the potential of hydrometallurgical methods to develop new technology for metals and minerals extraction and refining. The main focus of our development and optimization is metal processing technology with hydrometallurgical procedures, such as electrolysis processes, electrowinning, electrorefining, and also leaching processes.


Leaching aims at the selective dissolution of one or more compounds of a solid mixture by contact with the liquid solvent. The solvent accurately dissolves some of the solids so that the desired solute is obtained.

Electrowinning and electrorefining

Electrowinning is an electrochemical process that is used to reduce metal cations to the cathode surface from aqueous solutions from a chemical leaching process.