press release

December 20, 2021

Hydrotech Metal to Collaborate on Research and Innovation with BRIN

Jakarta – PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement (MoU) on “Mineral Processing Technology Research and Innovation” with Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The signing of the MoU was done by the President Director of PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia, Widodo Sucipto, along with BRIN’s Research and Innovation Utilization Deputy Task Executor, Dr. Mego Pinandito, M.Eng, in a series of the peak events of Research and Innovation Week held by BRIN in Jakarta on Friday, December 17th 2021.

When met after the event, Mego Pinandito hoped that the collaboration on mineral processing technology research and innovation between BRIN and Hydrotech Metal can be developed further. He said that at the moment, Hydrotech Metal’s low grade nickel ore processing technology, Step Temperature Acid Leaching (STAL), is a good start to continue the research and innovation of other mineral processing technology in Indonesia.

“The potential is there to have a research cooperation in any field, and not only in the research alone, but also until producing the end result that can be use (by public). For now, it is just nickel, but there are a lot of kinds of metals in Indonesia. Not to mention rare earth metals and others,” Mego Pinandito said.

He also asked for the scope agreed in the MoU to be implemented immediately. In addition to joint research and innovation in the field of mineral processing technology, the field that was agreed by Hydrotech Metal and BRIN in the MoU also covered the utilization of shared facilities and infrastructure in the field of mineral processing technology, development and utilization of technology in the electric vehicle battery industry in Indonesia, and other fields agreed by both sides.

“After this MoU, Let’s do it soon. If the technology (STAL) is already available, then do the production immediately. In the MoU there is also research collaboration, then the collaboration can be done soon, by using BRIN’s lab, or anything. The join research prepared by BRIN is for all,” Mego Pinandito said.

President Director of PT Hydrotech Metal, Widodo Sucipto, gave the greatest appreciation to BRIN who has opened up the opportunity to do research and innovation collaboration with various parties, one of which is PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia.

“We hope this cooperation with BRIN can give more motivation for the people of Indonesia to keep working and creating, while encouraging the creation of various kinds of technological research aimed at the progress of Indonesia,” Widodo Sucipto said.

As information, PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia is a business entity that is part of Trinitan Group. Founded in 2020, Hydrotech Metal is a company focused on research and development of mineral processing technology in Indonesia. 

Previously, Hydrotech Metal has collaborated with the BRIN’s Mineral Resources Development Technology Center (formerly BPPT) to conduct an audit of STAL Technology, the results of which in May 2021 showed that at the leaching process stage, this technology can produce nickel recovery of 89–91% and cobalt 90–94%. 

Then on August 2021, Hydrotech Metal continued to do collaboration with BRIN’s Material Technology Center to develop advanced technological innovations of STAL, which is able to process nickel ore directly into the form of a battery precursor, even to a battery cathode (the raw material for lithium batteries). (*)