press release

July 17, 2021

Want to Create Environmentally Friendly Nickel Governance, This is the Effort of TMM & HMI

PT Trinitan Metals and Minerals Tbk (TMM) through its subsidiary, PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia (HMI) is currently initiating a program called Green Plus Program (Green+), which focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. This program is one of TMM and HMI’s efforts to create environmentally friendly national nickel governance.

On the environmental aspect, Green+ has several initiatives such as reducing carbon emissions, residue management, and environment rehabilitation programs. For the social aspect, Green+ also has several initiatives such as labor, human rights, community, and product responsibility. As for the governance aspect, Green+ has the initiative to create a corporate governance policy structure and a good corporate governance structure.

President Director of HMI, Widodo Sucipto explained that Green+ is a program to guarantee/certify that STAL (Step Temperature Acid Leach) hydrometallurgical technology operated by smelters, has prioritized the environment, to achieve a low-carbon economy, efficient in materials and resources.

According to Widodo, Green+ will ensure that operated STAL technology is already occupied with digital controls that are able to show the output of exhaust gas data, as well as processed waste in real-time that can be connected to the authorities so that potential environmental pollution can be detected early.

“Green+ also targets the creation of a gradual reduction in carbon emissions in STAL process, through increasing energy efficiency and using alternative energy, one of which is alternative renewable energy. For this reason, Green+ will collaborate with experts in conducting measurements and researches related to reducing carbon emissions,” Widodo Sucipto said.

And then, Widodo said, Green+ will ensure that the residue produced by STAL is basically free from the chemical reaction of Sulfuric Acid so that it can be reprocessed into by-products in the form of iron ore and bricks. In addition, he continued, Green+ will also ensure that IUP owners who use STAL technology are committed to carrying out environmental rehabilitation activities, by replanting at mining sites.

“Through Green+, we want to create national nickel management that is environmentally friendly, while still pay attention to social aspects. One of them is by empowering local communities, and prohibiting the exploitation of minors, from mining activities to processing,” Widodo Sucipto said. (*)