press release

July 18, 2021

Wantannas: STAL can be used to Utilize Indonesia’s Nickel Potential

Jakarta – In the presentation of the Indonesian Nuclear Professions Association (APRONUKI) and LKN, Tuesday (4/5) at the Secretariat General’s Office of Wantannas, Central Jakarta, the National Resilience Council (Wantannas) expressed its support for the use of Step Temperature Acid Leaching (STAL) technology to process low-grade nickel ore in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, STAL technology is a hydrometallurgical nickel and cobalt processing technology, developed by PT Trinitan Metals and Minerals Tbk (TMM), with the stock code PURE, and owned by PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia (HMI) as a subsidiary of TMM.

In the event, Chairman of APRONUKI Besar Winarto and President Director of TMM, Petrus Tjandra explained that the STAL technology was a breakthrough from the problems that existed in the High Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL) technology which is currently being chosen by many smelters in Indonesia.

“Currently the technology used in the world is HPAL. This technology is 50 years old, and it is expensive. Now, we have a nation’s children innovation, STAL, at a lower cost. We have also received validation from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT),” Petrus Tjandra said at the hearing.

The STAL technology, added Petrus, can absorb limonite low grade nickel ore with a Ni content of < 1.5%. In addition, he continued, the development of STAL will also use the Mine Mouth Leaching Plant concept at the mine mouth, so as to reduce the waste that is disposed of.

“What’s in that waste? The nickel is only 1.1 to 1.3 percent. Means, that’s a lot of waste. There is cobalt between 8 and 10 percent of Nickel levels. Then there is also manganese, free from waste. Indonesia has the greatest nickel potential. Why, those who enjoy it, are foreigners? Why not our own people?” Petrus Tjandra said.

Responding to the explanation, Secretary General (Sekjen) of Wantannas, Laksda TNI Harjo Susmoro stated that the large nickel potential in the country should be utilized optimally by our own people, one of its way is by using STAL technology.

“I totally agree with what was said earlier. I agree, and I support. Technology is a complement to make things easier, but must still have a good purpose and mission,” TNI Admiral, Harjo Susmoro said.

Harjo Susmoro further reminded that there are 5 things that are supporting factors in the nickel industry, such as natural resources (SDA), human resources (HR), innovation, tools (technology), and funds. Of the five factors, the most important to be developed is superior human resources, and this is the duty and obligation of all parties.

“The most important thing is HR. So the real problem is our people or nation who needs to be educated. I don’t promise anything. But I am sure that Wantannas will try to give the best for nation,” Laksda TNI Harjo Susmoro said.

In response, DR. Ir. Widi Setiawan as an expert at PT Hydrotech Metal Indonesia (HMI) hopes that the form of Wantannas support will later be in the form of a Presidential Instruction proposal to integrate local technology providers (in this case STAL), BUMN EPC, and BUMN Nickel mining such as PT ANTAM Tbk which will use STAL technology to increase the added value of mining products. (*)